Show Review: Cirque du Soleil – Love


Special thanks to Jessica Berlin/Cirque du Soleil during Blogworld 2009 for providing free tickets to review the show.

That being said, Love was an amazing show. The acrobatics was spectacular and the visuals in the show are amazing. I liked how they tied together 130 songs to make 26 music pieces. The transitions between the pieces are great, making it almost seamless. I’m glad they didn’t just put all the best Beatles songs in the show and made it a “Greatest Hits” album. They used only a few of the upbeat Beatles songs and many from the later stages of their career. I enjoyed the part with “A Day in the Life” — one of my favorite Beatles songs.

The theater for the show is amazing, with basically a 360 degree view of the stage. Its been said to have cost $100 million to build. Visual effects in the show were stunning, with huge video screens to give a nice atmosphere to what was going on the stage. The sound in the theater was excellent, vocals were clear especially in such a large theater. Its like surround sound with Beatles music! Each seat has their own speakers in the headrests, which is cool.

Compared to other Cirque du Soleil shows, this one has a unique feel with its interpretive dancing. There is a lot less acrobatics, but there are some amazing stunts including rollerblading! This show doesn’t have early entertainment like the other ones, so don’t rush in too early. “O” or “Ka” will offer more of the traditional acrobatics while “Love” has a unique vibe that can’t be compared with any other show. Definitely go if you are a Beatles fan or are looking for a different type of show experience.



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