New York Trains

Subways are an excellent way to get around town in New York City. Some of the railcars (for instance the 4,5,6 line) are made by Kawasaki  which are  similar to the train cars in Japan. They have LED signs that tell you which stop you are heading toward, etc. One of the train cars we went on was completely covered with Boss cologne advertising, making the entire car a cool waterlike blue. The North/South trains go in two directions:  Uptown (north) and Downtown (south).  The S train connect between Grand Central and Times Square — very useful in case you want to visit both sides of Central Park for instance.

Unlimited Metro Card
Each trip on the subway or bus is $2. You can offset these costs by purchasing an unlimited Metro Card. The 7 day is a good value for $25. That makes it about $3.50 per day, which you can easily recoup in a 1 week trip. The only downside to the unlimited card is: It cannot be used again at the same subway station or the same bus route for 18 minutes. This means you can’t leave the station you just entered unless you want to wait 18 minutes.

Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard
Buy as many rides as you want from $4 to $80. Put $7 or more on your card and receive a 15 percent bonus. For example, a $20 purchase gives you $23 on your card. 11 trips for the price of 10, with $1 balance. Refill your card to use the balance. This would make sense if you only occasionally use the subway/bus on the trip.

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